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Are Antiperspirants Really That Bad?

Are Antiperspirants Really That Bad?


Are Antiperspirants really that bad?

I used to think a lot differently before I got ready to write this article.

My weekly contribution to this website is going to be articles focused on natural products, whether it be food product, recipes, or general everyday use items.

The first thing that came to my mind for this week’s article was my new favorite deodorant-sans-antiperspirant.  This may sound like a funky thing to be excited about but between my two daughters and myself, we are constantly trying to replace everything in our bathrooms/vanities with all-natural products.

At first, I was totally bucking the system on giving up on my regular antiperspirant/deodorant.  BUT, it seemed that everywhere I turned, someone or something (the internet) was telling me (or rather yelling me) of the dangers of aluminum.  Like as if I don’t have enough to worry about!

This is when I started my search. I am a runner in warm, sunny, SoCal. Sufficed to say, I sweat a lot!

I went though, I think everything the stores had to offer.  I tried to find the deodorants  with the least ingredients and all or mostly all natural ingredients.  I am, however, way too lazy to go the homemade route although, I understand there are lots of simple recipes out there. Oh…future post perhaps?

Anyhow, before I share my favorite way to battle the stink, let me tell you a little about what I found while doing my research.

From the different articles I read, to me, the most reliable and comprehensive article was written by The American Cancer Society.  Although the article is 4 years old, I felt when comparing the different sources, that The American Cancer Society was the most reliable source therefore, I felt a lot better after reading it. Come to find out, antiperspirants (and even parabens) may not be quite as bad as I had come to believe.

If you have concerns regarding the matter, check out this article from the American Cancer Society.

Anyhow, that being said, I personally, choose to stay as natural as possible (within reason).  It seems that if I am using a deodorant to help me combat the stench, then that’s enough for me. I don’t see a reason to add the antiperspirant if it’s just there to block my sweat from coming out.

I do, however, feel less freaked out about the amounts of aluminum that may have entered my armpits throughout my lifetime of using the “popular” deodorants of my time.  Whewwwww……………. That’s certainly one load off the old mind!

The organic, aluminum-free, natural, deodorant that has found its way to my pits is called Underarmed. I get it from Below, you will see the list of ingredients as well as a link to the product.

I hope you found this post, as well as the sourced article, helpful.  Until next week……….


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